Best CPA Exam Test Banks for Candidates

We here at Front End talk with a lot of CPA and CMA exam candidates about what helps them understand the information and eventually leads to them passing the exam. Although we get many different answers, the overwhelming majority of candidates always agree on one main answer. They all say that having a large, quality test bank is probably the most important thing in any CPA review course.

This answer makes sense because learning how to take the exam is essentially learning how to read, understand, and answer multiple choice questions in a short amount of time. The only way people can get good at this is by practicing and repeating. Although every review course has developed its own test bank and system for helping prepare candidates for the multiple choice section of the exam, one course stands out.

The Gleim CPA review course has the largest and most indepth test bank out of any CPA review course on the market. They have over 10,000 questions that will help prepare candidates for any type of question they will come across their exam day. The Gleim CPA review test bank gives candidates the ability to practice and practice questions over and over again without having to repeat the same questions all the time. What many student complain about is that many other CPA review courses lack is the multitude of different questions. They end up memorizing the answers to questions because they have seen them so many times. This doesn’t really help them study because they aren’t thinking analytically about the questions any more. They are just answering them from memory.

The Gleim CPA test bank has so many questions that you won’t run into this problem. We think that this test bank is by far the most expansive one on the market today.

CPA Exam Testing Anxiety

As with all professional exams, students and candidates often experience a great deal of test anxiety when they start prepping for their big day. Usually the anxiety gets worse and worse the closer the testing date becomes. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what to do about this or how to solve it. Having test anxiety before your exam date can cause you to under perform and even fail the exam that you would have otherwise passed with flying colors. Remember taking a test is as much about learning how to test well as much as it is about learning the material that you are being tested on.

What we here at Front End have found to be the best defense against test anxiety is to just be prepared. There are a few different courses out there that will help prepare you for the big day, but we believe in one of them more than any other. The cpaexcel course by Wiley CPA Review is one of the industry leading courses because it helps students and CPA exam candidates really learn information by keeping them focused on the tasks at hand. They developed shorter lessons with the idea that you will be able to retain more information and learn faster because you will be able to remember more. In case study after case study, this system works. Tons of students have found great success with the CPAexcel system because it just plain works.

CPA Excel also offers some interesting features like real time analysis of your questions and grouping of different areas of interest. CPA candidates can look at the areas that they struggle with without spending too much time trying to focus on areas that they already know.

If you have a problem with test anxiety, try to make yourself more prepared than necessary. It’s difficult to fail when you over prepare.

CPA Exam Study Blocks

If you have ever studied for the CPA exam or any other professional exam like the CMA, CIA, or EA exam, you know that it is difficult to stay focused and on task. While your friends are out partying and hanging out with friends, you are stuck inside studying for hours every single night. Why do you have to study for so long to get some of the certified public accountant exam information down? Why does it take so long to memorize things? These are two common questions that most CPA exam candidates ask themselves and why there is no CPA review support.

There are no definitive answers but there are many obvious things that get in the way of the studying process. We here at Front End Book like to call these the study road blocks. They are blocks that get in your way of really focusing and succeeding on your work.

The first main road block that is very common with most candidates is TV. The television has been distracting us for decades with its entertainment and ability to allow Americans to tune and turn off their brains. It’s a was to feel comforted and accomplished at the same time. Even though you didn’t actually do anything while sitting on the couch for an hour watching a TV show, you did finish the show– thus accomplishing something. In order to really get ready for the exam, you’ll have to remove the TV from your life and concentrate all your efforts on studying and preparing yourself for the exams to come.