best-cfa-study-materialsFinding the best CFA study materials that will prepare you for the chartered financial analyst exam can be trying. With so many options to choose from, how do you know what’s the best CFA review course to buy? The answer is you don’t know until you take a look at each study guide to see how it will work for you.

There are a bunch of different companies out there that all say they have the greatest CFA prep course, but the fact is that they are all different and will work some people and won’t for others. The important thing is that you find one that will work for you and your study schedule and learning style.

Studying to pass level I, level II, and level III will take hundreds of hours. The amount of time that most CFA study guides tell you to study is around 300 hours. This only applies if you are actually hardcore studying during that timeframe. If you have a CFA books that are boring and can’t keep your focus, you will end up spending way more time than necessary studying. You need to find one that will work for you, hold your attention, and help you prepare for the exam.

In order to help you find the right course, we’ve tested out each of the top-rated study materials and wrote reviews of each. We walk through the cons, pros, and features of each program, so you can stop worrying about which one to buy and start studying with the right course.

Here’s a table with the details of each CFA exam prep that we like. Check them out to see which one will help you the most.

These are the best CFA review courses to pass the CFA exam and become a chartered financial analyst.