best-cia-review-coursesFinding the best CIA review course that will prepare you for the certified internal auditor exam can be difficult. There are so many different CIA prep courses to choose from. How are you supposed to know which one will actually help you pass the exam?

The answer is, you have to look at yourself and your own learning style. All of the best CIA study guides on the market are good for certain people, but they all won’t work for you. You will need a course that matches your study schedule and your learning style otherwise you will end up spending tens of extra hours or even hundreds of extra hours studying. Your review course is supposed to help you shave time off your studying process—not add extra time to it!

In order to help you decide on what course will work for you, we’ve tested out all of top-rated CFA study materials and summarized each one in our reviews. We illustrate the pros and cons of each course along with the special features and unique differentiators that each guide has to offer. We also try to make some suggestions on what types of candidates should choose each course. This way you can figure out which one you should go with.

Check out our list of the top CIA exam prep materials.

These are the best CIA exam study material review courses to pass the exam and become a certified internal auditor.