CPA Exam Study Blocks

If you have ever studied for the CPA exam or any other professional exam like the CMA, CIA, or EA exam, you know that it is difficult to stay focused and on task. While your friends are out partying and hanging out with friends, you are stuck inside studying for hours every single night. Why do you have to study for so long to get some of the certified public accountant exam information down? Why does it take so long to memorize things? These are two common questions that most CPA exam candidates ask themselves and why there is no CPA review support.

There are no definitive answers but there are many obvious things that get in the way of the studying process. We here at Front End Book like to call these the study road blocks. They are blocks that get in your way of really focusing and succeeding on your work.

The first main road block that is very common with most candidates is TV. The television has been distracting us for decades with its entertainment and ability to allow Americans to tune and turn off their brains. It’s a was to feel comforted and accomplished at the same time. Even though you didn’t actually do anything while sitting on the couch for an hour watching a TV show, you did finish the show– thus accomplishing something. In order to really get ready for the exam, you’ll have to remove the TV from your life and concentrate all your efforts on studying and preparing yourself for the exams to come.

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